Port Angeles, day 2

Last night I couldn’t fall to sleep until 4 AM due to how much my ears were ringing (plus the bedroom got really cold), and at 7 I woke up with very cold feet due to the thermostat in the bedroom automatically going to 62°F. I found some warm fuzzy blankets and doodled some music until I fell back to sleep and didn’t get up again until like… 11. And I was still heckin' tired.

It was also raining all day, so I didn’t end up going hiking at all. Instead I just worked on music for most of the day, and had a late lunch wherein I went to the grocery store and bought some bread and cheese, which was pretty good. When the rain cleared up a bit at around 4:30 PM I decided to walk around the neighborhood, but I quickly ran out of sidewalk. Oh well, at least I got 20 minutes of exercise-ish in.

For dinner I got some rather underwhelming sushi and a pile of constant misgendering. Now I’m back at the AirBnB and will just work on some more music.

Tomorrow I’m going to check out some more local restaurants; I have rough plans to go to a steakhouse for dinner, and probably a sandwich place for lunch, and hopefully get some actual hiking in during the hours between. I mean, that is why I came here, right?

Well, also to check out the Port Angeles scene. So far this feels like a place where I could live when I finally burn out on tech and need to just GTFO out of Seattle, but it’s probably not my first choice. Right now I’m leaning more towards Tacoma/Federal Way or maybe Portland. Both of those areas have a lot going for them (and much more readily-available civilization while still being really close to nature and having relatively easy access to Seattle), and at least as of right now are still pretty affordable.

Port Angeles is a really nice place to visit and to get out into nature but I’d probably go pretty stir-crazy here. There’s not much to the downtown.

People seem pretty nice, though.

Anyway gah my ears are ringing again, time to work on more music.


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