Remodel progress: day 5

Things are continuing to go great and I am kind of annoyed at how impressed I am with how smoothly this one is going. Have I actually gotten a competent crew for once?!

Today they finished the floor and installed the cabinets.


As part of installing the questions they actually asked questions and hashed out details about how to do some fiddly bits, and insisted on keeping me looped in on any ambiguities. How to deal with the mismatch between the cabinet centering and the window (my decision: center the sink, let the cabinet be ¾" to the right). How to level the countertops, with the pluses and minuses of shimming the front vs. trimming the back (my decision: shim the front so we don’t have to worry about the back being too short for the new dishwasher). Whether to raise up the stove island to match the height of the countertops and do a bunch more stuff to make it fit correctly, or to just let them be an inch lower (my decision: let them be slightly lower).

Anyway. I’m pretty happy with the cabinets! They’re kind of on the cheap end, but they’re still decent. The drawers have soft-close stops. The lazy susan unit seemed a bit meh to me at first but its design has grown on me quickly when I realized that this gives me a lot more versatility for making use of the slack space outside of the trays.

But holy shit, this is going so much better than last time. It’s funny how last time I didn’t even see the ridiculous cabinet “alignment” “solution” to be the catastrophe at the time!

I’m not quite ready to rest easy just yet though; there’s still the countertops and upper cabinets to go!


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