My kitchen before this mess

Oh yeah, I neglected to actually take photos of my kitchen in operation before I’d cleared everything out on day 0 (where it didn’t look so bad), but I did just go back through my photos to find some examples of what the kitchen was like under normal circumstances.

These were all taken in July of 2021 (which is why I still have the red Mazda3 and not the black Leaf):


Granted, very little of this mess is directly due to the layout (and is just an artifact of my crappy organizational skills), but there were definitely aspects of the setup that didn’t lend themselves well to improving things. I’m hoping that between having a better set of drawers, some slight tweaks to the specific upper cabinet setup, and more knowledge of where things should go when I unpack them, I can avoid things getting this bad in the future.

Several of the segments in Lo-Fi Beats to Grind Coffee To (Baratza Sette 270, Hario MSS-1, Baratza Encore, Krups GVX114, and Mortar and Pestle) were shot in the kitchen, but only by moving most of my useful stuff off-camera and having to compromise a lot. For example, Baratza Encore and Krups GVX114 were both filmed in the same corner of the kitchen, but for Baratza Encore I’d stashed my toaster oven and collection of oils and vinegars elsewhere for the time being. Set dressing is no substitute for actual organization. Mortar and Pestle was also filmed in the same spot, but I’d placed a wooden cutting board down and had my camera pointing downwards.

Anyway, hopefully I can figure out a proper organizational scheme such that I can actually film cooking videos for real, because the layout has always been lovely for that, aside from there being nowhere to put a lot of stuff.

I already have ideas about how to store stuff (some of which rely on the new cabinet configuration and wouldn’t have been feasible before) and after that’s done I’m also going to collect all the stuff that I have no interest in keeping and then trying to sell/give away/donate it all. Because holy crap I have a lot of stuff that just wastes precious space.


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