Kegels (PSA)

So, be honest: do you know what kegels are?

Last night I found out that most people I know had never heard of them or, if they had, didn’t know what they were. They’re a pretty good thing to know about though!

In short: they’re a pelvic floor exercise. And they’re very worth doing.

Folks who were born with a penis would probably be familiar with the muscle motion as a “penis push-up.” Other folks would probably be familiar with them as flexing the muscle that you flex to cut off your urine stream.

And that’s a key to why it’s a good exercise to do! Basically, there’s a whole bunch of things which can cause a loss of muscle tone on those muscles, and if you do lose that muscle tone, you start to have difficulty controlling your urine stream. It’s why recently-pregnant women often end up with a level of bladder incontinence, and why people have difficulty with that as they age.

They’re also beneficial for other reasons; they help with bowel continence, for example, and for those with testicles they’re an aid to ejaculation.

But kegels are a great exercise that helps to maintain bladder control, and the great thing is, you can do them pretty much any time and anywhere.

Anyway. If you don’t already do kegels on the regular, you should probably start.


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