So, comments were broken

So hey, I thought it was weird that nobody had been posting comments on my blog in a while. Turns out comments were just, like, broken, and nobody told me, for some reason.

The problem turned out to be that Isso currently doesn’t work on Python 3.8 (or at least, the current released version, which is ridiculously outdated, doesn’t), and it was easy to roll it back to Python 3.7, thanks to poetry’s pyenv integration. So, score another one for poetry.

But why don’t people actually tell me when they’re having problems with my site? Do people just assume that if something’s broken it’s broken on purpose? Because I mean… no?

Anyway, comments are fixed now.

To be fair, Isso also doesn’t do a very good job of reporting that there was an error, so maybe people just didn’t realize their comments weren’t getting submitted. There’s a lot of issues with Isso and I went with it mostly because it was the quickest path off Disqus that didn’t require going all enterprise-level comment engine whatever, but it definitely has a lot of room for improvement. Someday I’ll make a native comment system for Publ but ugh I have so many other projects I have no time/energy for. I wish I could just get paid full-time to work on this stuff.


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