Some easing of stress

Today things have gone significantly better than they had for the past few days. The plumber was able to complete all of the work this morning without incident, the tenants are taking care of paneling the wall (using plywood instead of drywall on the plumber’s recommendation since that makes future access easier in case any maintenance needs to happen), and everything’s all ready for the new washer and dryer which are set to be delivered tomorrow.

I also made it safely to San Francisco, and checked into the hotel. I was afraid of the worst, thanks to a bunch of incredibly negative Yelp reviews, but my room is totally fine. I thoroughly checked for any signs of cockroaches and bedbugs (both visually and using a UV flashlight) and nothing seemed amiss. The linens are perfectly clean, the mattresses are in Good Enough™ condition, and everything’s fine. The room’s just a bit dated, and it’s noisy what with overlooking Mission St.

It’s also an old building with many stairs and no elevators, which will be unfortunate if I end up having a pain flare, but I’m under considerably less stress now which means I’m also much less likely to have a flareup in the first place.

It might be because I paid extra for a “deluxe” room with private bath, though; all of the negative reviews also mentioned the condition of the shared bathrooms, which are only on the cheaper rooms.

I’m also pretty happy with how iOS devices can now act as a Clipper Card, especially since I was unable to find my actual Clipper Card. Knowing me it’s probably in my backpack so I probably actually have it with me anyway, but now I don’t have to care, as long as my phone stays charged and not-stolen.

… okay just as I was typing that someone from the front desk barged into the room, oops. She seemed to not realize that I’d already checked in. I guess I need to remember to lock the door when I’m inside. And I should actually make use of the safe to make sure my laptop doesn’t go a-wanderin' (especially since for some reason this MacBook refuses to be enrolled in “find my,” which might be related to why it also refuses to connect to my phone’s access point over the usual iCloud method).

Anyway, I’m feeling pretty okay right now. I guess I should look for some dinner. Being back in the SF Mission means there’s a lot of possibilities.


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