Since a couple folks have asked, I’m still the same as the other day, which is to say, tired, with a mild cough and pretty bad fatigue. I’m actually able to get some work done, though.

Also, yesterday I finally got a positive COVID test, although the T line was extremely faint. But at least now I know these tests aren’t completely worthless, even if it only told me what I already knew and well in retrospect.

This has really brought into focus how I want to do things that I enjoy rather than things that I’m paid to do, and after my condo sells (which should be happening in a month or so) I’m absolutely going to finally build that backyard workshop/studio/whatever space. Right now I think I’d be best served by keeping my recording studio and pottery stuff in the basement and have the shed be a workshop for stuff that’s not so good to have in the basement and car port. I’m not sure I want to set up a full-on workshop, but at least having a dedicated space for 3D printing and simple woodworking (with a lathe and a CNC and a drill press).

Also I have really got to get the basement organized in some way. It’s such a mishmash of active project space and storage/clutter, and it could be so much better laid out. I need to get rid of a lot of stuff, too, or at least make use of the crawlspace for storage instead of it just being in piles that I trip on.

This is of course very far-removed from my original plan; when I first bought this place I thought I’d have the backyard out-building be a mixed-use recording studio and guest house (for renting out on AirBnB or being a place for family to stay when they visit or the like) but having lived here for over a year my thoughts on that have changed.

Also I really want to redo my kitchen, and I keep on waffling about what extent I should go to and what sorts of design considerations I should go with. At this point I think I just want to preserve the same basic layout, and keep the current base cabinets, and I just want to replace the countertops and upper cabinets (which very much want to be open shelves I think) and redo the flooring. There’s also some cabinets in the dining room which could do with some reworking or renovating; again, open shelves seem like a good idea for those as well. For those it might even be as simple as removing the doors, though.

Anyway. Time to see if I can actually handle playing DDR for a bit. I took a 2.5-mile walk on Tuesday which felt nice even though it wiped me out, and I’d like to be able to get back into some semblance of alleged fitness.


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