Kitchen Remodel II, day 1

I’m not sure why I’m calling this “Remodel II” because this is neither the second kitchen remodel I’ve gone through (it’s the fourth) nor the second I’ve had in this house. But it is the second one on this incarnation of my blog, so that’s probably it.

Anyway, today was demolition day.

For much of the day, my cats and I were stuck in the back of the house:


Progress was made with decisions; we determined that we can do the 24"-deep over-fridge cabinet, and also Oliver (who at this point I think is the real brains of the operation) brought some countertop samples, and I settled on this one, which just so happens to match my existing faucet pretty well:


Oliver and his worker (whose name I didn’t catch) spent the next several hours removing the floor and cabinets.


Interestingly enough, I think the stove used to be next to where the fridge is, judging by the hole in the wall that looks just about right for a 240V outlet.

Unfortunately, my flooring hasn’t come in yet (and isn’t expected to be in until Monday), and they want to get that installed first. So tomorrow they’re going to work on the electricals (for rewiring the existing disposal switch to be under-cabinet lighting, and running the new wiring for the new disposal switch and outlet) and start on the framing for the new backstop in the laundry room. For the latter they needed me to move some of the stuff that’s stored in the laundry room into the living room:


which means that I don’t have space for playing Beat Saber tonight.

… Hm, unless…….


Yes, I think that will do nicely.


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