[excitement intensifies]

The previous owner of the house — the daughter-in-law of the previous occupant — reached out to me on Facebook, and we got to chatting about the neighborhood, the house, and a bunch of other stuff. She was incredibly welcoming, and it turns out that she also lives in the neighborhood. She seems really friendly, and she’s looking forward to seeing what I do with the place. And so am I!

My brain just won’t let me not keep on planning what I’m going to do in terms of the move. I’ve already scheduled a move consultation to see how much it’ll cost to get a full-service pack-and-move, and I’m beginning to triage my possessions and plan for where they’re going to go in the house (or, if not, whether to sell them on eBay or Craigslist, or simply donate them). I’m also hyper-fixating, as usual, on how I’m going to set up my recording studio, my network, and a bunch of other things.

A lot of my existing shelving is going to go into the basement. Pretty much all of the shelving in my current office will be useful down there. I’m pretty sure that I’ll also be setting up a networking rack down there, since that’ll be the easiest way to wire the building for Ethernet (just dropping cables down through the wall into the basement/crawlspace). I suppose my NAS will also live down there as well, as will my egregious amounts of unsold merch/book inventory. (On that note, if anyone wants to buy my books so I have less stuff to move and unpack, it’d be greatly appreciated…)

In the short term my recording studio will also go down there, but in the longer term I’m going to build a separate recording studio building. Apparently the permitting process for that is pretty simple. I’m not sure if I’ll want to make it a full-on DADU (with plumbing and a kitchen and such) or if it’ll be enough to just do electricity and a mini-split heat pump. A DADU would have a lot of benefits down the road, though, like it could serve as a guest bedroom or even an AirBnB, and would definitely increase the resale value of the place — not that I have any plans of moving again any time soon, of course! The whole point to this house is to be a place I can live happily ever after. But still, it’d be nice to have a guest house, or maybe in the future it becomes an AirBnB or something.1

I’m trying to decide whether the office will get a new sit-stand desk and my existing one goes in the recording space, or vice-versa. I’m also trying to decide whether the office will be just for the day job or if I’ll also do my video editing and cartooning in there. Those decisions make a big difference for the sorts of stuff I’ll need to buy after the move in terms of monitors, audio equipment, and so on, and whether I’ll need to buy yet another computer for that (although pragmatically I’ll probably just use my MacBook in the recording studio in the meantime).

I also really hope Apple releases more information about the next round of Silicon-based Macs soon. It’s pretty likely I’m going to want to get another desktop-esque Mac for the studio (putting the mini in the office) and I’d like to go with a rackmountable system. Maybe even a Mac Pro, despite my previous indications to the contrary. Mostly because I really want to be able to add more internal SSD storage instead of having an octopus mess of external drive enclosures.

Oh, and I have some very ambitious ideas for the living room! I’m going to go all out with having a great gaming and streaming setup there, and I’ll probably also eventually get a proper VR setup there too. Maybe Valve will put the Index into the summer sale this year, and then that gives me an excuse to upgrade my mostly-unused Windows desktop (which will be central to the streaming setup in the new world). Of course that also depends on there being decent GPUs available in the next century. My current GPU (a GTX 1050Ti) probably won’t cut it for VR, and I’ll probably want something with RTX too. Too bad the 3060 is sold out everywhere.

  1. For what it’s worth, one of the houses I looked at had a DADU which was previously just a carport which was eventually upgraded to a full external cabana; I was really tempted to buy it but it seemed overpriced for the house itself and I had a hard time imagining myself living in it. (But the cabana was really cool!) 


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