The Mr. Barry Lewis Drinking Game

One of my favorite YouTube cooking shows is the eponymous one run by Barry Lewis, formerly known as “My Virgin Kitchen.” Given how long it’s been running and how many videos Barry has made over the years, there are certainly some standards that happen.

So, in the great tradition of Internets past, here’s a good old-fashioned drinking game. Actual amounts to be determined at the discretion of the viewer.

Things that you should take a (preferably non-alcoholic) drink for:

  • Wrap-Master 3000
  • Spill on the counter
  • Spill on the floor
  • Spill in the oven
  • Should have used a bigger bowl/cup/pan/oven
    • Would have, but he broke it in a previous video
  • Tool/container/bowl/etc. breaks
  • “It’s caught!”/“It’s burned!”
  • Doorbell rings
    • Bonus if it’s at an inopportune moment
    • Double bonus if it’s a gadget to be reviewed
  • Using a gadget from a review video
    • Bonus if it hasn’t been reviewed yet
  • Fogged up lens
  • Refers to steam as “smoke”
  • What are oven mitts for, anyway? (Barry burns himself)
  • “It’s gonna be stonkin'”
  • “Bung it in the microwave”
  • Boston and/or Amy get a snack
  • Barry goes stir-crazy (in any sense of the expression)
  • Mrs. B rolls her eyes and/or has an exasperated sigh
  • Chloe says something vaguely menacing or disturbing
  • Phoebe mentions unicorns
  • Sarcastic quip about local weather and/or tourism
  • Pop culture reference
    • Bonus if his kids don’t get it
    • Double bonus if Mrs. B doesn’t get it
  • Shopping trip!
  • Terrible puns (“There’s no need, dough” “a wisk I need to take” “sorry, that was a crêpe joke”)
  • Barry addresses the editor
  • Barry uses a quick cut to try to make it look like a thing was thrown to him from off-camera but it’s just awkward
  • Attempted American accent
  • Attempted posh accent
  • Cardboard cut-out falls over
  • Cardboard cut-out gets replaced
  • Cardboard cut-out gets accessorized
  • Recipe goes completely off the rails
    • Bonus if Barry manages to save it anyway
  • A reference to the “toaster situation
  • “Have a Barrathon”


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