iPhone Regress

So, a few months ago I upgraded to an iPhone XR, which I thought was pretty okay, but there’s been an accumulation of issues with it that have me back on my old iPhone 6S for a bit. I dunno if I’ll stick with this or what, but so far I’m liking the 6S tradeoffs better.

History-wise: about a year ago, my 6S’s battery life had gotten kind of bad, so I decided I’d upgrade to an 8. It didn’t feel like much of an upgrade, aside from better battery life (which is really more to do with the age than anything) and a somewhat better camera. Also, AR apps ran a bit better, but that doesn’t make a huge difference in day-to-day life.

This January I switched to Xfinity Mobile, which required (for reasons) buying a new phone, so I decided to go XR. And I liked it well enough, so I sold the 8.

Over the last few months, though, the XR has gotten progressively annoying to me:

  • It’s a bit too big to fit comfortably in my pockets (girl jeans, yo)
  • The lack of headphone jack meant having to use a Lightning adapter with it, which made it fit even worse when I was listening to music
  • iTunes sync was never very reliable on it (despite me trying all sorts of stuff, including a complete reformat/reset of all my iPhone data and my iTunes library, which is not something I do unless I really need to!) and I couldn’t ever get anyone at Apple support to take me seriously (and apparently I’m the only person on the Internet with this problem on the XR?)
  • While FaceID is a bit faster than TouchID, TouchID has been more reliable and easier to deal with failures on
  • Come to think of it, the only reason I liked FaceID as an upgrade from TouchID on the 8 was because the 8’s “haptic” button isn’t glove-compatible but the 6S still uses a physical button so FaceID was really a roundabout fix for a thing that shouldn’t have been broken to begin with argh
  • And oh god the XR is so heavy

So, I’m back to the 6S. I did really like the Qi charging on the 8 and XR, so I’ll probably fill two birds with one scone by getting an external battery pack that’s Qi-chargeable; they’re a bit heavy but not nearly as heavy as the difference between an XR and a 6S, and not nearly as expensive or annoying as getting the battery replaced. But then again, it’s also not that big a deal for me to just charge the dang phone while I’m at work, either.

I guess I will probably miss having a larger screen for doing GarageBand doodles on, but really, there wasn’t a whole lot of stuff the XR could do that the 6S couldn’t, from a software feature standpoint anyway.

In any case, it was pretty easy to back-migrate my XR backup to the 6S, and hey, now I can easily use whatever headphones I want with it!


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