Site updates!

So hey, Publ now has a tagging system, so I’ve updated my site to show tags in a lot of places. I’m not sure if I should make some sort of tag explorer view or if it’s okay to just pivot between tags within a category listing. Insight or ideas would be most welcome.

What I want to do at some point is tag all of my comics with subject matter and characters, but that seems like a lot of work. I wonder if there’s a way to outsource that to other folks which doesn’t involve opening up my git repo to the world. Maybe I’ll build a simple tool which lets people suggest tags for entries which don’t have tags. Iunno.

Oh, also, the lab I work at is now using Publ for the website. It’s working out pretty nicely. I’ve also figured out some fun patterns for writing external scripts to manage content, and so that publications list is actually done via a cron job, and now I have a much better idea of how to implement my long-standing open task of building an external-feed republishing/syndication tool.


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