I am so tired, y'all.

Driving back and forth between SeaTac and White Center is kind of dismal. Especially when it’s raining heavily. Especially when half an hour after I finish the drive through heavy rain where I’m worried about getting in an accident because I can’t even see the lane markers and everyone else around me is driving like a NASCAR driver with something to prove, the rain completely stops and I feel silly for my lousy timing.

The hotel is very fancy and quite uncomfortable. All of the tables and chairs are at just the wrong height. I can’t get my head into the right space to work on music at all. Nothing feels right.

When I’m at home to go to meetings or to work on house stuff my cats are very clingy and affectionate and they very much miss me and I also miss them.

I’m already sick of eating takeout in SeaTac.

So many people here aren’t wearing masks even though we still have a mask mandate. At the breakfast buffet this morning a young woman and her kid were unmasked and the kid was coughing without covering her mouth, and I worry about whether they coughed on the food I ate.

The contractor thinks my house will have running water again by Monday. Even with running water I’ll not really want to move back in until I can use the shower. Using the outhouse is annoying. I don’t want to deal with Rick to take a shower.

The renovation should start in parallel with the plumbing retrofit tomorrow, at least. Hopefully there won’t be any more horrible surprises waiting for me, although at this point I’m not sure what surprises could be left to find.

It’ll be so much nicer in the end, though.

Whenever that gets here.

I am now two days behind on Novembeat. I worry that the spark is gone.


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