Remodel 10 etc.etc

I suppose I should do my daily dump of $INSERT_ALLITERATIVE_D_WORD_HERE

A lot more fit and finish type progress today. In particular, I now have a working sink, complete with garbage disposal button and soap dispenser.


Also a new toy arrived today:


I set it up and pulled a couple shots on it. I took a lot more photos of it but those will go into a review over on the coffee section once I’ve had more pace-putting-through.

Although I will share that the Bambino isn’t all that much smaller than the Gaggia after all:


Good thing it wasn’t just the smaller footprint I got it for.

Anyway I’ve started to unpack some of my dishes and such into the cabinets, and I’m discovering that the new cabinets are a bit smaller than the old ones. Fortunately the new setup makes it easier to find good places to put things, and I don’t think it’ll be a problem, since so much larger stuff is moving into the sideboard cabinets in the dining room anyway. I haven’t yet found a good spot for my pizza peel, though.

Also there’s a rather annoying thing about the shelves in these cabinets, in that they have a “lip” on them:


I have a choice of either making the lip point up (which eats even more into available space) or point down (which makes it annoying to put in and take out taller items on the shelf below). I’m not sure which direction is less-bad. The contractors set them all up with the lip pointing up, but I’ll probably go and reverse them all.

Also, holy heck my kitchen is dusty right now.

Oliver’s plan for tomorrow: install the spice shelves (finally), baseboards, and over-fridge cabinet.

Also apparently there isn’t a door for the cabinet to the right of the sink. I’ll have to ask Oliver what’s up with that. Also if he knows what happened to the button on my faucet’s spray head. And the drainage grate for the bottom of the sink (EDIT: found it, hiding in the sink’s packing material in the rubbish pile in the carport). And why the outlets to the right of the sink are upside-down. And why the floor on the threshold between the kitchen and the laundry room feels spongy.

You know. Lots of little things.


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