Just some brief updates for the goings-on.


After talking with some folks about my options, I’ve decided I’ll probably just go without kitchen venting for a bit, and I have some ideas about how to install a ductless range hood after all. This might end up biting me later when it’s time to sell my place but hopefully that won’t come up for a long time.

In any case I’ll wait to see what surprises are lurking behind my existing stove to see what to do about it. Maybe it’ll turn out that the downdraft range is still the best bet (unlikely) but more likely I’ll just have to get an electrician to install a 220V socket and go with a cheaper yet more versatile induction stove, oh darn.

Job stuff

Heading down to Portland this afternoon for a job interview. (If I get it I will be working remotely from Seattle and probably occasionally having to go down to Portland, oh darn.)


2x/day gabapentin isn’t doing anything for me, 3x/day was helping with pain a lot but the constipation was pretty bad and I was having trouble with the other side effects too. After I get back from Portland I’m going to try increasing my nortriptyline dose back up to 30mg, and then after a few days of seeing how that is, go back up to 3x/day of gabapentin and continue to use stool softener to counteract the constipation, at least.

Other stuff

I’ll also be back in Portland in a couple weeks for the Retro Gaming Expo (going with a couple of friends, and possibly tabling with CATcher for one day if they accept me into the Indie Arcade).

I’m also busy getting ready for GeekGirlCon. My first set of enamel pins came out great so I’ve also ordered a second set in different colors, and I’m also scanning and cleaning up a bunch of my art to make prints to sell. Also my (tentative) space assignment is table 101.

Also Inktober starts tomorrow and I don’t think I’ll have the time/energy to participate this year. Hopefully I’ll be able to do Novembeat though!


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