Remodel mess update

Insurance inspector came out today to look at the damage. He said the situation is a bit complicated because part of the damage was due to an ongoing maintenance issue and part of it was due to an emergent issue, and insurance only covers the emergent issue. He thinks that he can at least get me coverage for replacing the sink cabinet and all of the water mitigation, at least, and also since my house is without running water, the insurance company is putting me in a fancy hotel for a week. I’ll still probably be driving back to my house to work, though (as well as making sure my cats are okay), and fortunately I have a port-a-potty and a portable foot-pumped sink for that stuff.

Also, post-leak-dryup it became pretty obvious that the fiberglass in the ceiling wasn’t put there by a previous owner to mark/plug the leak, but was actually pulled down over time by the ongoing leak. So that must have been going for much longer than I realized.

The housing person said I could also take my cats to the hotel with me if I want but that seems like it’d cause more problems than it’d solve.

Anyway, while continuing the demolition on the old bathroom, the contractors found that I need a new bathtub as well, because the old one doesn’t have the proper upper “lip” to prevent moisture intrusion.

Basically there was a lot wrong with the bathroom and I’m glad that it all has to be taken care of all at once, in the end. And I’m glad I went with a contractor with good communication and planning skills! I wasn’t at all confident in the other contractors I spoke with on that front.

The plumber will be able to start on Friday (which felt like a long time away but then I realize it’s Wednesday already, what the hell is time anymore?) and hopefully I’ll have running water back by Monday. I have the hotel room until next Wednesday just in case.

The hotel is over in SeaTac (technically Tukwila) so I guess this is gonna force me to confront my driving anxiety again. So another silver lining to this cloud.

I’ve been pretty chill about this whole thing so far, which is surprising. Usually I get overwhelmed with anxiety and stuff but I’m actually feeling better now than when the project started. There’s something to be said for knowing what the problems are rather than being nervously anticipating the potential for problems. It helps that I feel confident in the contractor to actually tell what’s going on and what needs to happen. For some reason it’s only other people who are getting upset about the situation on my behalf. But I’m just going with the flow, here, and only seeing the positive aspects of what happened rather than the negative aspects of how it shouldn’t have. It’s a weird headspace to be in, judging by other peoples' reactions.

So anyway, obviously I’m not getting a lot of day-job work done. Or coffee grinder music, either. I’ll be bringing my small recording setup to the hotel and hoping inspiration strikes. Maybe I’ll get to sample some more ESE pods or something.


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