Feeling better already

Today my copies of DDR for PS2 arrived. Also Spud mentioned that he still had some soft pads from back when my enthusiasm for the game got him into it as well and offered to lend one to me, so I picked that up from him.

Before I started playing I felt tired, depressed, and dismal.

Then I played for half an hour and already felt so much better.

The pad I’m borrowing isn’t anything special, and the button response isn’t great and it slips around a bit much, but even bad DDR is pretty good. And I think this is a habit I’ll be able to keep up, and which I’ll feel really good about.

I can’t wait for the L-Tek pad to arrive in (probably) a week or two, but in the meantime it’s really nice being able to play the game again.

Also this was my first time playing the PS2 version of DDR X, which, as it turns out, has a heckin' visual novel in it. (Only instead of selecting dialog choices you get into random dance-offs with friends and rivals.) The last PS2 game I’d played was Extreme2, which was a disappointing mess so I sort of lost interest in keeping up with the series when X had come out, not to mention that was in 2008 when I’d already stopped playing constantly (and 2012 was when I ended up selling my Cobalt Flux pads).

Anyway. I definitely have a ways to go before I’m back at my peak ability (if that’s even possible anymore) but it’ll be a journey worth taking.


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