Shoulder, unpacking, gardening, etc.

Wellp, I managed to screw up my shoulder again. Last time was probably from me using my cane on a fairly long walk, and this time was probably due to me overdoing it with my weed puller (which requires a snapping motion that does similar things to my cane). Bleah. At least this time I know stretches and things that might help, and I found a bunch more which feel like they’re helping. Hopefully I’ll still feel well enough to get my second shot of vaccine tomorrow. (Which will probably have me feeling pretty much immobile for a few days anyway.)

I’ve sort of stalled on unpacking, and I haven’t found my Wacom tablet yet. I really want to work on comics though. Maybe I’ll give Sidecar another shot. Although with my shoulder pain I don’t think holding a stylus is a good idea at all right now.

I’ve also been pretty unmotivated to work on music. I’ve had my usual every-day-a-new-song-scrap thing happen but I’m in a sort of quiescent period when it comes to actually doing more. Mostly because all of my music stuff is down in the basement and I don’t feel like going through the hassle of setting up a recording environment right now and I feel like just like… waiting until the condo sells and I can build a proper studio.

And on that note, the condo is off the market temporarily, for Reasons not worth getting into. It’ll hopefully be relisted sometime next week, probably at a lower price (i.e. where I wanted to list it in the first place), so maybe there’ll be a better chance of it selling soon.

In happier news, we’ve finally managed to hire a manager for my team. She doesn’t start until June, though. But still, having some actual direction will be nice.

Also at work I gave a talk on IndieWeb which went over really well. I hope I can get more folks interested in it, and maybe I can eventually parlay this into becoming an IndieWeb advocate/developer/whatever. I can dream, anyway.

Oh and the weed puller arrived on the same day as my composter, which is now full of weeds and kitchen scraps and hopefully in a few weeks I’ll have come nice compost to fill my raised beds with! I feel like playing hundreds of hours of Animal Crossing has prepared me for this. (And also with the random interactions with my neighbors, who continue to be people I’m glad to live near.)

The raised beds arrive next week, and I’m going to try the lasagna method to fill them. Fortunately I still have a lot of paper and cardboard left over from the move!


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