March 22, 2003

my wrists fucking suck ()

by fluffy at 12:04 PM

March 13, 2003

Got my iMics today ()

by fluffy at 9:27 PM
Holy cow. The iMic has amazing playback quality. The specs claim a -95dB noise floor (which is the theoretical best possible for a 16-bit signal), and I believe it. Even when I have it turned up all the way I don't hear a single iota of static.

Yeah, definitely time to replace my good trusty ISA ES1868 card. Ooh, does this do 48KHz? I think it does...

Yes, it does! Yay! My occasional 48KHz mp3 doesn't have to sound like ass because it's getting resampled to 44 anymore!

Now to test it on my studio computer for recording...

Much later I re-measured the noise floor with a better routing setup and am now getting a noise floor of around -85dB. Kick ass.

If life were like a movie ()

by fluffy at 8:43 PM
So do you save the world and get the girl
at the end of every day?
Are firefights and men in tights
all the games you play?

If life were like a movie,
would you be the hero guy,
or would you be the villain?
If so, you're gonna die.

March 12, 2003

Yay Songfight! ()

by fluffy at 4:54 PM
I got third place in last week's. This week's (I Think It's Killing Me) is much more difficult to decide (but feel free to vote for me anyway). I think Hoblit's is my favorite (I'm not sure... it'll take a few days of occasional relistening before I vote), but I bet 2 from 14 will win with MYCC in second.

March 4, 2003

project idea: recovered drum kit ()

by fluffy at 2:09 AM
Inspiration: the (imo) successful usage of cardboard boxes for percussion on my Fool In The Middle entry

Idea: build a drum set out of "garbage." disused coffee cans for tom drums, baking sheets and CDs for cymbals, and basically anything else which makes a noise when hit and is fairly unbreakable to make totally new sounds

March 3, 2003

Final Songfight version of "fool in the middle" ()

by fluffy at 7:20 PM
Enjoy. :)

(I drove all the way to campus to post this! Wisper fucking sucks.)

March 2, 2003

George Foreman: I love you ()

by fluffy at 8:33 PM
Platonically-speaking, anyway.

Another addendum to the energy drink guide ()

by fluffy at 5:24 AM
KMX blue tastes a lot better when it's not six fucking months expired. It's rather yummy, in fact.

Songfight entry ()

by fluffy at 5:06 AM
For the first time in a long, long time I've done a Songfight entry. Comments?

(Yeah, I know it's really basic and simplistic... I had some pretty major ideas on how to do a full version but I don't have the time to do it properly before the deadline on Tuesday. It'll probably go onto foodsexsleep though.)