March 30, 2004

A call to all musicians ()

by fluffy at 11:26 PM
Project - Two is finally live. If you want to participate, now is the time!

March 28, 2004

Shipwrecked conversation ()

by fluffy at 4:07 PM

March 27, 2004

Guitar Center ()

by fluffy at 2:17 PM
So, the local Guitar Center is finally open. So today, I met up with Paul (who I also call Ringo, and is back in Albuquerque until the 5th before he goes back to Japan until July) there, to check it out.

March 26, 2004

Nice end to a productive week ()

by fluffy at 10:15 PM
Unwilling thrustiness into the role of home-front tech support aside, I think this was a good week.

March 25, 2004

How about that ()

by fluffy at 1:48 PM
I saw on BoingBoing that Rusty has finally decided to do something about the troll problem.

A bit too little, too late, I'm afraid.

March 23, 2004

Woe unto the New Mexican driving through Ohio ()

by fluffy at 7:42 PM
Ohio has decided to give special license plates to people who have been convicted of DUI.

Unfortunately, they just happened to choose the same color scheme that New Mexico has had for the past 20 years...

Mitigating bullshit ()

by fluffy at 6:57 PM
So, I went ahead and just worked with the existing codebase. Every time something was braindead or fugly I "refactored" it. Within two hours I'd rewritten all of the shit which had taken this other guy two weeks to do.

March 22, 2004

yay, work! ()

by fluffy at 8:48 PM
So, at 8:30 I thought I was running late to my first day of work, so I started to drive like a bat out of hell.

March 21, 2004

I'm awake, right? ()

by fluffy at 6:01 PM
The user registration spam happened while I was not-asleep on the couch, stuck in a sleep paralysis/hypnagogic hallucination loop.

So when I finally forced myself out of it and made my way back to my computer, and saw my email dock icon indicating 444 new messages, I had to make extra-sure I wasn't still inside the loop.

Fortunately, the strongest cue that I'm having a hypnagogic hallucination is that my vision is in letterbox format.


March 18, 2004

Freejazz II ()

by fluffy at 10:55 PM
So, tonight I jammed with Cosmic ReBop. It was fun.

March 16, 2004

I don't think I got the job ()

by fluffy at 10:41 PM
He wanted someone with more direct SQL experience. I'll find out tomorrow, in any case.

Oh well, it was a fun interview anyway.

March 9, 2004

Albuquerque winter ()

by fluffy at 12:37 PM

March 7, 2004

Freejazz (, )

by fluffy at 12:38 AM

March 6, 2004

Welcome to Albuquerque ()

by fluffy at 10:52 PM
(From February 29.)

March 2, 2004

Two songfighty things ()

by fluffy at 1:50 PM
Remixfight featuring a baker's dozen remixes of Sunny Day is up. It is the awesome. I especially like Dr. Kong Balong, Mental Anguish, UnDesirable, Omnitechnomatrix, and Fourstones. Prank Monkey's is funny, too.

Also, Niveous wrote a silly fluffy porcupine theme song. (The "it's blinking" stuff is a reference to my forum avatar. I hope.)