June 28, 2006

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June 25, 2006

Party ()

by fluffy at 10:36 PM
A housewarming party is where you celebrate finally getting your home cleaned up and livable by having all your friends come over and trash it.

June 20, 2006

Watermelon sorbet ()

by fluffy at 9:46 PM
  • 1 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup water
  • 1 small seedless watermelon
  • 1/4 cup lime juice
  • 2 shots triple sec

WTF, T-Mobile (, )

by fluffy at 8:38 AM
You were the last major provider to hold off on moving to a two-year contract. But now you too have decided that it's easier to lock customers in than to give superior service which people actually want to stay with.

For shame.

June 17, 2006

June 16, 2006

Tendinosis ()

by fluffy at 11:57 AM
I've been going about treating my wrist problems all wrong. I mean, I was doing an established protocol for treating inflammation of the tendons, but cortisone didn't help at all. Reading further I found out it's much more likely I have tendinosis, which is caused by several microtears in the collagen layer of the tendons. In the case of tendinosis, the last thing you want to do is get rid of the inflammation, because that is how the body sends important stuff to the tendons to repair the collagen.

There is an experimental treatment for tendonosis called "prolotherapy" which actually induces inflammation to speed the natural healing process up, but apparently the best treatment is to exercise the muscles in "braking" motions, not stretch, not use anti-inflammatories (instead using painkillers like acetaminophen) to mitigate the pain, and not do the things which cause damage for a month or more. Argh.

June 10, 2006

Tourism; also, Latin-fusion dirty rice ()

by fluffy at 7:20 PM
Whenever I go to Cash And Carry (a local restaurant supplier) I always feel like such a tourist. There's a handful of things they carry which could potentially be useful for me and then a whole bunch of stuff which I'd like to get if it were in smaller quantities, which you don't normally see in smaller quantities at other grocery stores.

So I bought a whole bunch of chocolate-covered espresso beans (which I'm already way too high on), a case of Red Bull, a really nice restaurant-quality (meaning, well-made, but inexpensive) santoku, some blackcurrant syrup, some soymilk, and four avocadoes. I also found out that the exact same seedless baby watermelons I paid $2.50 for one of at Ballard Market the other day was only 95 cents at Cash And Carry.

June 8, 2006

June 7, 2006

Prognosis: undefined ()

by fluffy at 6:52 PM
So, nerve conductivity tests showed that there's no compression or damage. So whatever I have isn't typical carpal tunnel syndrome. Yay me.

You know it isn't a good sign when a traditional doctor suggests trying acupuncture...

(Well okay, he didn't actually say it outright but he implied it.)

June 3, 2006

dex/dx reborn? ()

by fluffy at 5:30 PM
I'm not sure if this'll last but I've decided to take dex/dx in a new-ish direction (or more accurately, not locking myself up in a single comic series). So now I have a home for the other little doodly ideas I have.

This decision was somewhat inspired by reading John K's weblog. I was thinking too hard about how Cherry and Jen keep on going off-model when I do draw them, and then John K has a whole bunch of rants about how one-offs and evolving characters work a lot better (with plenty of concrete evidence showing how this is true).

June 2, 2006