February 28, 2007

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February 27, 2007

Progress (, )

by fluffy at 4:36 PM

February 25, 2007

Ginger ale: soda or not? ()

by fluffy at 4:57 PM
I understand why seltzer and club soda are normally sold in the water section of the store (rather than the soda section), but why is ginger ale sold with (and priced like) seltzer and club soda? I've never understood that.

Kara-WTF ()

by fluffy at 1:26 AM
So, tonight, nobody else in my usual karaoke crowd showed up, and I tell you what, they missed out something fierce.

There was a going-away party for some guy named Tyler (who was apparently a regular there a while ago, before I started showing up) since he's moving to Cincinnati. He was drunk off his ass. So were the other dozen or so people in his entourage.

February 18, 2007

Another new favorite wine ()

by fluffy at 9:04 PM
Tempranillo: one to look out for. Picked up a bottle at Ballard Market yesterday (based on one of their wonderful recommendation signs) and had it tonight with barbeque chicken pizza. It's quite good, somewhat like a drier Beaujolais, with a very clean finish.

Kara-holy yes ()

by fluffy at 2:04 AM
Tonight was a good night to be me at karaoke.

February 14, 2007

I need a new line of work ()

by fluffy at 9:50 PM
Any suggestions?

February 11, 2007

Topic for debate ()

by fluffy at 10:28 PM
Heathcliff is Marmaduke for cat lovers.

Marmaduke is Heathcliff for dog lovers.


Topic for debate: Potential ()

by fluffy at 11:47 AM
All men are potential rapists.

All women are potential prostitutes.


February 9, 2007

February 6, 2007

New series: Unity ()

by fluffy at 9:16 PM
I'm a glutton for punishment and disappointment, but I'm starting yet another new attempt at a comic (back to my serious, extended-narrative nature, á la Eaveston). Episodes will start running on the 13th (when the current sketchbook buffer runs out). One thing I'm trying hard to do is to avoid planning too much of the story ahead, which I think is where things always go awry for me (because I end up getting bored with all the stuff I've already planned out), so I'm doing whatever I can to avoid thinking of plotline things.

I do have some aspects of the environment worked out (I know some things about the main character, and generally what the environment is, and some of the early setting-establishment things which will happen to the main character) but I'm trying my hardest to not come up with anything else. And of course, the whole need to discover everything as I go along is the design of the comic.

Hopefully this one will last a while.

February 1, 2007

Phone stuff ()

by fluffy at 7:20 PM
I've been using my Palm more and more lately, which makes it even more aggravating to have to keep it in sync with my phone (especially for meeting reminders, which I have to deal with a heck of a lot lately).

  • Going price for Treo 650 on eBay: $200ish after shipping.
  • Size comparison between Sidekick 3, iPhone, Treo 650, and K510i: I'm surprised at how small the Treo and iPhone both are. The K510i is a really tiny phone. The Treo's about twice as heavy though (but then I could finally ditch my Zodiac and have decent web browsing again).
  • A nice Treo 650 hard shell: lets you protect the screen without obscuring it, and without adding a lot of weight or size to the phone. Plus, you could probably paint the inside to customize the color. Prevents cracked screens (which are the most common problem with Treos in a pocket, and which is why I never really considered getting one until now when I'm finally fed up with too many devices to sync and dismiss alarms on)
  • Unbranding an unlocked Treo 650: Useful, since most of the Treos on eBay are Cingular-branded.
  • Google Maps Mobile: has a native PalmOS version, which would almost certainly be better than the MIDP version on the K510i. (Especially on the 320x320 touch screen vs. 128x160 with gimpy joystick.)
  • USB charge+sync cable: it's funny how most phones are USB-syncable but not USB-chargeable. This cable fixes that for the Treo 650. (Though most likely I'd charge at home and sync via BlueTooth, and use the OEM cable at work.)
  • Palm-compatible Bluetooth GPS: Would be pretty cool for driving directions etc.
  • Interesting article about changing attitudes towards transgender health care in Seattle (has nothing to do with the above, but I figured I was linkdumping already anyway)