June 3, 2007

Bok choi ()

by fluffy at 3:59 PM
I keep forgetting how much I hate bok choi. Why do I keep putting it in stirfry?


#9257 ucblockhead 06/03/2007 07:29 pm
Why do you even buy it?

I hate bok choi. Razz...@
#9258 fluffy 06/03/2007 07:33 pm
I buy it to put it into stirfry. Because I keep forgetting how much I hate it.
#9259 Duke of the Bump 06/03/2007 08:25 pm
Get stationery printed that says "I hate bok choy" at the top. That way, whenever you go to write your shopping list, you'll have a handy reminder. And it also makes a great conversation piece!

"Um... why does this paper say 'I hate bok choy'?"

"Because I do."

#9260 fluffy 06/03/2007 08:32 pm
Who the hell shops using a grocery list? At best I'll have to-do items in my phone but I usually don't even check that.
#9265 Smarasderagd 06/04/2007 05:39 am
I latched onto bok choy as an alternative to celery, which I generally find too bitter. These days I almost always get baby bok choy instead of the full-grown kind because that's what the local Chinese grocery sells, among a bunch of other Asian greens. I can't stand mong toi, which I've seen called Chinese spinach, but to me is more like okra, except with leaves instead of pods. I don't seem to have any trouble not buying it, though.