October 27, 2007

Wow, I finally won at Song Fight ()

by fluffy at 1:25 AM
It only took me close to 7 years, and a split vote in a fight practically nobody voted for (relative to the number of entries, anyway). Hopefully the next win will come a bit sooner.

October 26, 2007

Bike ()

by fluffy at 3:12 PM
I think I know which one to get. (Conveniently, that store is also basically on the way home from work. I guess I'll just pick one up on the way home, modulo a test ride anyway.)

October 24, 2007

Logic 8 makes me cry ()

by fluffy at 8:58 PM
Tears of joy.

AT&T doesn't understand third-party signups ()

by fluffy at 5:56 PM
Well, the reason for the AT&T issues is pretty obvious now... apparently, since my apartment complex (Avalon Yerba Buena) submitted the work order on my behalf, my telephone account is now in the name "Avalon Y Buena."


(Oh well, the CSR I spoke to was very nice and actually pleasant so okay at least they get that going for them.)

October 21, 2007

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October 17, 2007

What should I do with my old PowerBook? ()

by fluffy at 1:32 PM
So, right now I have two laptops (well, three, but I own two of them), and I don't really have much need for the 12" PowerBook G4 (wendigo). So it seems ripe for modding into something useful. (Not a router or file server or whatever, though, as I already have those covered by better solutions.) What sorts of interesting mod ideas are out there? I kind of considered the iTablet route, but that requires a lot of time and dedication and work for something I don't actually have a need for, and which wouldn't be very good at what it does anyway (since the 12" PowerBook has the same crappy screen of the old 12" iBook).

Right now I basically use it as my Internet tablet while watching TV or movies, mostly because I can just keep it on my coffee table and not have to pull my MacBook out of my backpack, but really it's not even very good for that anymore, between the trackpad problems, the assiness of the old-style power connector, and so on. It's not even a very good remote control for the Mac mini since the tiny screen means VNC has to scroll a lot.

The only simple "cool" thing I can think of for it is to invert the lid and turn it into a full-time Electric Sheep picture frame...

October 12, 2007

October 11, 2007

Big Trouble ()

by fluffy at 11:03 PM
I just finally got around to watching Big Trouble. As far as book→movie adaptations go, it was quite good! Of course they had to cut a lot of stuff out (otherwise it would have been like 4 hours long) but what stayed in was very true to the book and also went pretty much exactly how I imagined it in the book (which is most definitely worth reading).

October 9, 2007


by fluffy at 10:58 PM
I just got my download link for IN RAINBOWS!!!!!!

October 8, 2007

Apple TV support ()

by fluffy at 4:44 PM
So, my Apple TV won't finish booting anymore. I went through all the usual diagnostic procedures (as few as there are) and nothing worked. So I went to Apple's support site.

The site is pretty badly-organized when it comes to the Apple TV section. Trying to get information about actually contacting Apple for repair or replacement just led me around in circles. The "request repair or replacement" link sent me to a section of the site which had nothing Apple TV-related.

October 6, 2007

Blu-Ray is rather nice (, )

by fluffy at 10:47 PM
The "gee whiz" factor of the ultra-sharp video kind of wore off at about the same time that I normally get lost in a movie and stop noticing things like MPEG artifacting on DVDs, but it's nice to know that if there is ever a higher-resolution format, my eyes won't be able to tell the difference. Also, while it's pointless, I do appreciate the little touches like how smooth menus are now and so on. Also, the audio did seem a little more clear and punchy than DVDs normally do, but of course that's so subjective and prone to bias.

Meanwhile, in the world of Casino Royale, everyone uses nothing but Sony products, all day every day. Not that I mind a world where everyone uses Sony Ericsson phones (which are still the least sucky!) and I'm pretty darn happy with my current Sony receiver and my Playstation 3. Though it's pretty funny how apparently people use Blu-Ray players in security rooms, and there are ads for Bravia on every single website on the planet, including MI-6 internal ones. I'm kind of surprised the portable defibrillator didn't have a Sony logo on it.

Then of course there was the major product placement for the Aston Martin. I'm pretty sure I won't be buying one of those any time soon.

October 3, 2007

11 hours ()

by fluffy at 8:14 PM
I hate when I get caught up in something and decide I need to do One More Thing before I go home and then that thing doesn't work and so okay let's try Something Else and then the next thing you realize it's 8 PM.

October 1, 2007

Anyone know a good massage therapist? ()

by fluffy at 11:44 AM
I'm having a heck of a time trying to find a decent massage therapist in downtown San Francisco. Most of what I can find are erotic masseuses who advertise their picture more than their credentials, and what's left is mostly practitioners of bullcrap like reiki and reflexology.

I really need someone (preferably a CMT, though the reiki/reflexology practitioners all claim to be CMTs as well so I'm guessing CMT doesn't really mean much anymore) who will do deep-tendon massage for tendinosis. Surely there's got to be someone good and reputable around here?

(I can find a number of decent-looking therapists down in Mountain View, San Jose, etc. and I suppose it's not that big a deal to go down on a Saturday or whatever, but it'd be much more convenient if I could go during the work week without taking a day off from work.)