I’m always talking about how much I love the IndieWeb and how there’s no need for a Discovery Algorithm, because people can find stuff by recommendation from others.

While you can generally see the stuff I follow and recommend on my notes page, it seems like a good idea to collect things that I like in an easy-to-find central place!

Blog aggregators

  • Blogroll: A great site for browsing blogs in general, based primarily on interests
  • IndieWeb News: A user-submitted syndication feed of IndieWeb-related content
  • A user-curated directory of content


  • Ars Technica: Basically everything nerdy you can think of
  • Hackaday: Hardware projects and inspiration thereof
  • MacRumors: Not just about Apple stuff but there’s definitely a focus
  • Skepchick

Mental health resources

Personal blogs



Local community

Arts and Artists



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