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Hello new readers!

2009/05/15 12:31 AM

It has been a while since I have greeted the new readers but I should say, hello! This is my occasional comic and sometimes sketchblog. There are a few different comic series which run here. I know the layout can be a little bizarre as a result, but you can always just go directly to the archive page to see what series there are. I hope it isn’t too confusing.

This all started out as a not-very-regular journal comic which was ancillary to my blog. The older ones don’t make much sense outside of the blog context. I hope it isn’t too confusing.

The main comic I do is Unity, a long-form science fiction drama set in the distant future. I don’t have a decent recap of it available but the cast page sort of explains what’s happened so far (although not quite in chronological order). If enough people ask for one I will probably make a chrononormative document. I hope it isn’t too confusing.

Also sometimes (like today) I do dumb parodies of other webcomics and various fiction clich├ęs. Sometimes they are a direct response to specific things but usually it’s just stupid things that I think pass for funny. I hope it isn’t too confusing.

Anyway, feel free to browse at your leisure, or just ignore everything I do entirely, or listen to my music or just talk about off-topic randomness over in the forum or whatever else suits you at the time. You are in control of your own web browser, and I am not the boss of you. Enjoy. Or don’t, if that’s your preference.


2009/05/18 12:00 AM

I finally got around to doing something useful: story recaps! They are available in chapter-sized digests underneath the last strip of each chapter, and also the chapters and the recap of the full story so far are available on the archive page. The recaps basically just retell what happened in the story, but I err on the side of explanation for things which aren’t completely obvious. So even if you think you know what’s been going on in Unity, I suggest reading the full recap, if only because I spent a lot of time writing it.

Some tidying-up

2009/05/25 12:00 AM

I finally got around to tidying up all my image files' locations to make things a bit better-organized in the backend, but I may have missed updating a link or two. Let me know if anything’s broken.

Silent running

2009/06/01 12:00 AM

Saturday night I finally got around to watching Silent Running. I can certainly forgive anyone who thought that movie was an inspiration for Unity, because it certainly would have been if Rendezvous with Rama hadn’t. I highly, highly recommend watching it. (I also find it interesting that both things came out the same year.)

Also, read Rama, while we’re at it. Although you shouldn’t bother with the sequels “coauthored with” (i.e. almost entirely written by) Gentry Lee. They start out okay but get pretty terrible pretty quickly (with thinly-veiled SOCIAL COMMENTARY and an overly-literal deus ex machina) and use cheap cliffhanger tactics to keep you reading them even though they are not at all worth the effort, and it upsets me that some part of my memory is now involuntarily devoted to them.