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Ali wasn’t quite satisfied with how I wrapped up Sasha’s story arc, so she wrote an unofficial script for a strip to go after #246. I’ve reproduced it below, in case something happens to the forum (and to draw more attention to it):

[[After the graduation ceremony. Sasha is wearing graduation robes.]] Juni: Congratulations, Sasha! Do you know where you’ll go next? Sasha: Not yet, except that it will not be back home. They have marked me not-Tzernikov.

Juni: [sadly] I know. Your sister Valya- Sasha: Ex-sister. Juni: uh, ex-sister, told me that might happen… You’re just Sasha now? Sasha: I am not-Tzernikov.

Juni: Sasha… you were really there for me when everything went kind of breezeways, and I don’t have any siblings… if you like, you can use my name. Sasha: Thank you, YU-NI, I am honored. But I must decline. I must earn my own hivename now, and until then “just Sasha” will be sufficient.


How close we are

2010/01/04 12:00 AM

Today’s Unity is #242, and begins the epilogue proper; #255 will be the last one. Feel free to, I dunno, make guest art, talk about the story in the forum, ask questions about things that happened previously, or whatever.

As I’ve said before, though, just because Unity (the series) will be over doesn’t mean there won’t be any more stories set in Unity (the ship). I have a few ideas banging around for other stories set in their universe, although for now I’m looking forward to working on something else for a while. Whatever I do will, of course, continue to be published right here on this very site/RSS feed/LJ syndication/whatever.

Finally working on “improving” the comments here

2010/01/06 12:00 AM

One of the biggest misconceptions that people have about the comment threads here is about having to register to post comments; since comments are handled by a forum, people tend to assume that they have to register to post, which is not the case. I’m finally pulling in some of the code from my blog to try to display comments inline as part of an entry, which I think makes it less obvious that it’s a forum and makes it more obvious that anyone can post a comment.

Obviously there’s a lot of kinks to work out but I’m working on it. I wanted to get the functionality in place first. So, let me know if something particularly baffling happens; for example, I’m sure that somewhere in the archives there’s some comics which have a colliding “basename” and so they’ll try to have their comment pages at the same URLs as each other. This is yet another artifact of how my Movable Type hacks work. Fortunately, it’s pretty easy to resolve. But there may be other technical problems as well. We’ll see.

(Edit: According to SELECT entry_basename,count(entry_id) AS n FROM mt_entry WHERE entry_blog_id=5 GROUP BY entry_basename ORDER BY n ASC; there shouldn’t be any colliding page names, at least.)

Hey, transcripts are falling way behind

2010/01/13 12:03 AM

I’d appreciate if some folks could help out. Normally I’d do a bunch myself but my wrists are crapping out again.

In other news, the remaining Unity script is now fixed in place, aside from the minor edits that always happen when I do the layout. It will definitely be ending with #255. At the current rate, that puts it at about February 3 (assuming I don’t have a post schedule slip or a bunch of must-do journal comics that push Unity back or whatever). So if you want to make any guest art to run after Unity completes, February 3 would be an excellent target! You can of course email it to me at fluffy[at]beesbuzz[dot]biz or send me a PM via the forum or whatever.

The home stretch!

2010/01/25 12:00 AM

I thought maybe I’d try doing all of the last 5 in one week but I definitely don’t have the time to pull that off. I apologize in advance for the weekend splitting the coda up oddly.