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The software in question is of course MacBreakZ (just BreakZ on the Mac App Store). It’s still not quite as good as Workrave in terms of the forcefulness of the user interface, but it does do a lot of things better than Workrave, and it’s certainly better than RSIGuard (the previous for-pay software I was using). The main downside is that the UI is still way too easy to circumvent, and like AntiRSI it’s way too easy to keep working even during a break. Still, it has a much better set of stretches and exercises, and it has the best microbreak implementation I’ve ever seen, so that alone should help a lot.


Fair warning

2011/11/04 12:00 AM

This weekend is going to be kind of busy and I’m going to be hosting friends from out of town, so I might not do comics (unless my guests insist that I do, which I’m sure they will since they’ll be anxious to see how I draw them).

Oh yeah I’m travelling

2011/11/16 11:59 PM

Updates may continue to be a bit sporadic for the next few days, because I’m on a business trip in Japan. But you probably figured that out already.

I’m back.

2011/11/20 6:49 PM

I survived.

My first piece of merch

2011/11/20 11:32 PM

Considering I’ve been doing these comics since 2003 it’s kind of amazing that I haven’t done anything like this before. Anyway, if you want a Legalize Unicorns T-shirt, now you can get one.

(Also, if you know of a cheaper option that still produces good prints and supports PNGs with alpha channels, feel free to let me know!)

Done with travel for a while

2011/11/26 11:56 PM

I’m back both from my business trip and from Thanksgiving travel, so hopefully I’ll be able to get back to my regular output again for a while, or at least until I do some sort of last-minute trip for the winter break or something. Who knows.