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A call for book art!

2011/12/02 8:45 AM

As part of getting the book together, I’d like to have a gallery of other peoples' drawings as an appendix, as is common for webcomics-turned-print. If you want to make some drawings for the book, now’s your chance!

Also, for those who have made fanart in the past, please let me know if it’s okay to put it into the book (because while they gave implicit permission to post it on the site, that doesn’t necessarily extend to printed matter). I’ll be contacting everyone whose email addresses I still have but thanks to the entropic nature of email addresses that might not cover all the bases.

For fanart submissions I can’t promise that you’ll get anything more than acknowledgement in the book and a PDF copy when it’s complete, but if you sign up as one of the limited $5 backers I can guarantee it’ll be worth your while.

Tapering off

2011/12/12 11:06 PM

A big part of why I started doing daily journal and/or Good Things comics was to help me stay focused on the positive things in life and help mitigate some stress and depression I was going through. It worked quite a lot for a while, but unfortunately the toll of doing a daily comic has ended up becoming a source of stress of its own. Right now I’m in a big crunch at work and juggling several other personal projects (music, the Unity book, and so on) and I think it’s best for my health (and wrists) if I not update quite so frequently. I mean, I’ve done 78 comics since starting this in the middle of September — that’s nearly 12% of my busybee comics archive by content, in only 3% of the time that I’ve been doing them!

It’s funny how when I did 10 comics in 2 weeks I thought that was completely insane and not something I’d ever be crazy enough to try again.

I still intend to post comics about especially good things that happen, and also there’s a few more Unity stories that have come to mind (which aren’t as dismal or dire as the ones I’d backburnered before starting on Good Things) but I have to slow down my updates if only to keep the good things coming.

But I do hope to keep doing at least one or two a week.

As always, subscribing via RSS or LiveJournal is the best way to keep up.

Kickstarter a success

2011/12/25 9:37 PM

The kickstarter drive for Unity: Book I was successful, and I am pretty close to getting the book layout done. There’s no way I’ll be able to have the books printed in time for Further Confusion, but hopefully I will have them ready soon after.

On that note, I will probably be at Further Confusion (selling CDs in the Furry Market Place, sharing a table with Patrick).

Anyway, for the book, I basically just have 5 chapter title pages and a few miscellaneous boilerplate pages left to do, as well as the cover art (which I’m planning on keeping fairly simple). Also, gathering guest/fan art for the book. So if you want it in there, please get it done in the near future!