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On absence

2012/01/09 11:11 AM

I wish I could say I’ve been too busy to make comics, but that just isn’t true. For the last several weeks I’ve been pretty sick with one thing after another, and it’s gotten in the way of everything (day job, music, and comics). I started out with a cold, then I got a stomach virus, then my cold turned into bronchitis, and even before I could get the bronchitis treated I ended up getting some other intestinal thing that’s given me terrible diarrhea for the last week, and I’ve been unable to eat anything of substance and of course that’s probably going to lead to even more problems in the long term. Also, if my intestinal problem is bacterial in nature it will probably require hospitalization, as I have bad reactions to most antibiotics so any treatment will require close supervision.

So anyway, I haven’t worked on any comics (aside from the one posted today, which I drew the day it happened and only managed to finish just now), and since I’ve missed so much work I can’t in any good conscience take any time off for Further Confusion, so I’ve cancelled my vacation time for that (assuming I was even going to be well enough for it anyway, which is looking pretty unlikely at this point). I was really looking forward to that, but I’m looking forward even more to not being sick, and being able to go back to work.