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It seems to be this one (affiliated link).

I made one tiny mistake in it because I didn’t understand one instruction, but I don’t think anyone would notice. Some of the bends were challenging (and really needed a jig to do it right) and a couple final assembly steps were also pretty tricky, but all in all it only took me a couple hours over the last two knights.


Gonna try doing this again

2019/12/09 12:34 AM

It’s been a while since I’ve regularly done Good Things comics, or comics in general. I’m feeling generally better enough now that maybe this is something I can do.

I just need to remember that daily comics don’t need to be spectacularly-drawn, they just need to be drawn. And it’s okay to miss a day now and then.

And maybe I’ll get back into drawing Lewi and even Unity, both of which I really want to work on quite a lot.