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So more transcript neatness!

2008/12/04 12:05 AM

Now it’s even easier to see transcripts for comics. I’m thinking of ways of improving it though, like maybe clicking ‘transcript’ makes it pop up in a little floaty window on the page or something, but that leads to other potential problems (but probably less problematic than how the navigation buttons get covered by the transcript right now). I’m open to suggestions.

I have to admit that I mostly did this so that Google would see the transcripts when it crawled my site, and being able to make it visible was just a bonus.


2008/12/23 10:02 AM

I’ll be out of town until the 30th. I’ll be bringing my portable Wacom with me so I might work on some non-Unity strips. On the plus side, I have buffered Unity updates until the 30th anyway, so there shouldn’t be any interruptions in the regularly-scheduled updates. I just thought you should know.

Also I have a poll going on over in the completely-unused forum, if you want to comment. One of the things I plan on doing while I’m on vacation is attempting to improve the site layout, so I’d like to know sooner rather than later.