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54. The birds know

15 years ago



Tamu: Apparently you were somehow in direct communication with your mind-clone. Sam manged to record a decent amount of it. What happened is quite interesting…

Juni: [[on screen]] Data node? 500 meters per second. C2H5OH. As long as it needs to be.

Juni: [[on screen]] When did I have a pet?

Juni: [[on screen]] The truth? What’s going on?

Juni: Yes, I remember that… but it still doesn’t explain why I’m sitting naked on your fut-

Juni: [[on screen]] No, I’m listening… what was it that you saw? Are your sure, oh! Haha! The birds know what it’s like! I would like a hat, hey! It’s a new moment!

Jnui: [[on screen]] Would you like to become more spherical?

Juni: [[on screen]] The silver has lint. It needs to be shaved.

Sam: [[on screen]] <> Protocol twelve.

Juni: [[on screen]] Come on, Sam! Show me the fzt

Tamu: So as I was saying, it is quite interesting.

Juni: Oh.


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