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152. Along came a sniper

13 years ago



Sam: Are you really sure about this? I feel bad about leaving your mom home alone.

Juni: She’ll be fine. Obviously she needs to catch up on sleep.

Juni: And I left the note. I’m pretty sure she can read.

Sam: Are you sure we should go straight to the Corentins' home? I’d like to go back to Cyn’s and get some shoes first.

Juni: Meh, shoes. What is it with the South and clothing? Shoes, shirts, pants… why do we separate ourselves from the world?

Sam: It’s not separation so much as protection. Haven’t you ever stepped on anything sharp?

Juni: Of course. So I learned not to.

Sam: And sharing a seat with someone else’s bare rectum… that’s just gross.

Sam: Also, my hooves are starting to crack.

Juni: You wouldn’t get damaged if you’d just pay attention to your surroun-

[Juni bumps into Tanya Harris]

Tanya: Hey! Watch where you’re goin', will ya?!

[Tanya turns around and sees Sam]

Tanya: Oh, it’s you.

Sam: Tanya…?


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