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47. Chatter

16 years ago

Sam: and so when the implant went active, you went a teeny bit psychotic.

[juni]: [rambling butter jelly]

Sam: Tamu decided it would be best to copy

[juni]: [occasional noun]

Sam: your brain and wipe your memories, and try to

[juni]: [paper mill]

Sam: work it out.

[juni]: [antonio vitamin test]

Juni: Hrr…

Sam: So this computer is working on figuring out what happened

[juni]: [rotational torsion force] [nanome sectarian hedge]

Sam: Juni, are you lis-

Juni: Shut up shut UP SHUT UP!!!

Sam: I’m just telling you what happened

[juni]: [skilled lemongrass bisque]

Juni: No not YOU that THING in my HEAD shut UP!

Sam: Crap. Tamu, we have a problem.


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