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52. Hard to swallow

15 years ago



Juni Machine: So they were telling me the truth. I’m not sure whether to be angry or afraid.

Juni: The truth?

Juni: What’s going on?

Juni Machine: “Juni, you’re having a nervous breakdown. Juni, we’re not sure what to do. Juni, blah blah blah. Juni, we’re copying your brain to try to see what happened. Juni, I love you. Juni, you’re not real. Juni, Juni, Juni, Juni, Juni, we need Juni, Juni, Juni Juni Juni Juni [[text gets larger and larger]]

Voice: Juni?

Juni Machine: [[white-on-blue text]] They’re going to erase me.

Voice: Juni?

Green person: Juni, are you with us?

Juni: Nn…

Juni: Who’s "us?”

Green person: Tsk, that grammar was atrocious.


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