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100. [Device]

14 years ago



Sasha: He has left. Hello, this-version-of-you-that-I-have-not-met. I am lieutenant Tzernikov. You may call me Sasha.

demiJuni: Replaced with a campon drone. I see. Tamu certainly has a preference, doesn’t he?

Sasha: That is not relevant. Tamu tells me that physical-you has died. He tells me many things.

Sasha: At one time, physical-you brought me [device] and asked me to give [device] to you and Tamu is not to know about [device].

Sasha: I had to determine its connector-interface in secret. I do hope it is a triumph.

Sasha: Attach-ing.

demiJuni: [[head surrounded by green cloud]] That… feels strange.

Sasha: It is attach-ed. Let us now perform the diagnostics.

Sasha: Physical-you said [You should look where you know not to]. You are rather odd.


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