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151. Kind of weird

14 years ago



Corentin: [[on data node]] Juni! I’ve been meaning to talk to you.

Juni: Hi, Corentin. I just got a strange call, and I think it was from your brother.

Corentin: You think it was?

Juni: Sam answered, and whoever it was just, er, honked and disconnected.

Corentin: How strange. I thought he was napping.

Corentin: Has he ever called you before?

Juni: Not that I know of. I didn’t even realize he knew how to use a data node.

Corentin: Oh, he does. Mostly he uses it to listen to class schedules to fall asleep.

Juni: Strange. How well does it work?

Corentin: Once they added a course to the non-toxic vegetable cultivation degree and he was upset for a whole dec.

Juni: Your brother is kind of weird.

Corentin: Yeah, I know, right?


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