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110. Deferral

14 years ago



[[Juni, Eugene and Sam walk through the wilderness]]

Eugene: So, uh… You know our broodwitch?

Juni: Yes, Hira actually is my mother.

Eugene: As in… she spawned you? Isn’t that-

Juni: [[forcefully]] Oh, yes, I recognize this place.

Eugene: I mean I don’t know politics or-

Juni: Of course I was pretty tiny back then.

Eugene: Couldja stop inter-

Juni: [[in Hiero]] Hey Sam, up for walking a few more kilos? We’re near my village.

Sam: You’re asking this now?

Eugene: [[Kajoshi, annoyed]] Why don’t you let me finish-

Juni: [[turning to face Eugene, spittle flying]] Asking what sort of aberration I am?!

Eugene: Well… when you put it that way…

Sam: [[Heiro, muttering]] I mean we’ve only been walking for what, half a deci?

{{Title text: Half a deci = 5 kaysecs = about an hour and twenty minutes. They haven’t actually been walking that long.}}


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