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158. Commisery

13 years ago



Juni: When did I see you last, anyway?

Corentin: Wasn’t it after our lecture last Foursday?

Juni: Has it been that recently? I’ve had such a terrible sense of time since that amnesia.

Corentin: Amnesia?! Goodness… you never mentioned that!

Juni: Oh. I guess I did it to myself. Something to do with the Homin repository.

Juni: It’s kinda hard to piece it together.

Juni: It doesn’t help that Tamu seems to just be doing his usual thing.

Corentin: The old man is bonkers. I still don’t see why you spend so much time dealing with him.

Corentin: But… has he said anything about the repository?

Corentin: I think he wishes those spadetails– sorry, I mean, the Kayohash had never found it.


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