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2009/03/09 12:00 AM

Wow, am I at Unity #150 already? It seems like just yesterday I hit #100, but getting to #100 took forever. It’s amazing what maintaining a regular update schedule can accomplish.

Backgrounds drive me nuts

2009/03/16 10:44 PM

I need to figure out a better way of doing backgrounds because holy hell I do not like doing them the way I’ve been doing them for the last however-many years I’ve been doing them.

UPDATE: I think I have figured out what to do. I am letting my proverbial hair down!

Update to the update: Man, Wednesday’s is probably going to be kind of surprising. I think it’s looking good though.

The current update schedule

2009/03/20 12:00 AM

Lately I’ve been updating on Monday, Wednesday, and sometimes Friday and/or Saturday (this week is a rarity!). If you’re still following this comic by loading the page directly (and my tracking stats say that’s most of you), you should be aware that I do vary updates from time to time, and if you’re specifically checking only on weekdays, keep in mind that I often post stuff on Saturday and sometimes Sunday. You can always look at the calendar in the corner of nearly every page to see when posts were made (or are scheduled to be made).

Of course, you can always subscribe via RSS or LiveJournal and always see the comic the same day it gets posted, and not have to worry about me posting on multiple days between the times you checked. You also won’t miss news posts, since I know these are so incredibly interesting to read.

For what it’s worth, I try to keep my update slots consistent, when they do happen; Monday and Wednesday will usually be Unity, Saturday will usually be either a sketchbook entry or Womble, and Friday is wide open (Journal comics, fanart, a third Unity, etc.).


2009/03/21 12:34 AM

I draw species with females who have two sets of mammaries so much it’s starting to look completely normal and everyday to me.

I just thought I’d share.

Begin the end

2009/03/25 1:58 AM

I now have a pretty good idea of how the first major Unity story is going to end. Everything is falling into place quite nicely.