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2009/06/29 7:27 PM

Dudes, dudettes, and dudes of varying and/or indeterminate gender,

I’ve been having a resurgence of my long-standing wrist problems lately, specifically that my carpal tunnel syndrome is back once again (unlike my long-standing tendon problems which have always been fairly cyclic for the last 12 years or so), and I don’t want to leave people in a lurch again. So I would really really appreciate it if people would make guest comics and other such filler for a while while I figure out how to deal with this. I’ll post pretty much anything people send, even.

Also, if someone wants to take over guest artist duty on Unity for a while, that would be even more awesome, although I’d prefer it be someone who can draw at least as good as I can (meaning the bar is low).

Love, fluffy