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The End

15 years ago

[[The Womble peers ion on the Duchess making notes beside a beaker on a Bunsen burner.]]

[[The womble watches the Duchess, now slightly gray-haired, pour a test tube in to a beaker.]]

[[The Womble looks at the Duchess, now entirely gray-haired, who with a cane. A beaker is spilled on the bench behind her.]]

[[The womble helps the Duchess through a doorway.]]

Duchess: Is it time already?

[[The Duchess stands under a hatch.]]

[[The Womble pulls a lever.]]

[[A beam of white light pours out of the hatch onto the Duchess.]]

Duchess Womble: YES! I am reborn! The world shall now trem-

Duchess Womble: What?

[[The Womble holds a finger to its lips.]]

Duchess Womble: Oh.

Duchess Womble: Right.

[[The lever behind the Womble is labeled “Enwombleizer”.]]

[[The wombles watch the Sun set.]]


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