Lewi: 28. Descent (2015/07/04)



2015/06/16: So out of shape

so out of practice

2015/06/08: Yes my wrists still suck

Physical therapy: helpful

Working 100+ hours a week (due to the album): less helpful

But hey the album is done and (still) available for preorder and it'll drop on June 14, which as long-time readers should know is my birthday, and it is my gift to you. Well, if getting a gift normally means having to pay $7 for it. Whatever.

2015/04/27: Hi

My wrists still aren't at 100% (not even close actually) but I'm starting physical therapy soon. I'll probably still be doing a reduced update schedule for a while. Also, my parents are going to be visiting next weekend, which cuts into my comic-making time of course.

So, as usual, I recommend that you subscribe via RSS or Comic Rocket or the like. (Or you can follow on Tumblr or Tapastic or whatever but those tend to fall behind.)


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