Good comics to read

This is just a tiny subset of the comics I read, focusing on the ones that I feel are particularly excellent and which you probably haven't heard of. They're in roughly alphabetical order, more or less.

Decrypting rita: Dreams, reality, what's the difference?

Endtown: A post-apocalyptic wasteland filled with post-mutagenic creatures.

Modest Medusa: A silly-but-serious story about a young gorgon and a bridge between worlds.

Monster Pulse: Kids get super powers and a lesson in moral ambiguity.

The Non-Adventures of Wonderella: The life and times of the raddest and best superhero ever, when she feels like it.

Rusty and Co.: Three classic D&D monsters take the adventure into their own hands.

Sacred Grounds: Supernatural creatures running a coffee shop.

Secret Life of a Journal Comic: What it's like to be Ty Halley.

Three Panel Soul: Journal Autobiographical Inspired by actual events.

Yellow Peril: Client relations, race relations, relation relations.

Comic-oriented weblogs

Artpatient: Your webcomic is atypical and you should feel atypical.

Luprand's Webcomic Musings: Honest webcomic reviews, without the incessant posturing or snark of others.

Other resources

Comic Rocket: A great online comic reader app, which helps to track comics and also lets you create archive-catchup RSS feeds. Might actually be better for comic reading than subscribing by RSS!

Webcomics Nation: A decent no-frills free webcomic hosting site, with a much better community than the other well-known ones.

Blambot: Pretty good comic lettering/effect/title fonts, many of which are free for non-commercial use.

FontStruct: Flash app; make your own stylized fonts. Surprisingly powerful, albeit within limitations.

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2014/07/24: There is still work to be done!

The queue only appeared empty. OhNoRobot was giving Jukka a break, but now it's started to point out a bunch of comics that are still untranscribed. The horrors!

Everyone, help SuperDeer Jukka me out and get the remaining comics transcribed! The future of the world depends upon it!

2014/07/10: Thanks, Jukka!

You're a deer.

2014/07/10: Oh no, robot...

So, the transcription queue has gotten pretty long. There are two big benefits to clearing it out:

  1. Having a full set of transcripts on my site drives more search engine traffic here, which in turn gives me more readers which makes me happier as a creator
  2. Spammers keep on trying to spam me via empty transcription slots for some reason even though their spam will never, ever make it onto the site and even if it does their HTML wouldn't get rendered right anyway so I don't see why they keep on bothering and I wish they'd cut it out but they are really, really dumb apparently so in any case if there's no pending transcriptions I get less spammers making my life miserable

So, please help out by helping out. Thanks!


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