5. Blackout



[[27 and 11's avatars float in the dark]]
27: What happened?
11: There was a low-grade plasma leak. I shut down the coupler group to prevent any more radiation from entering the ecosystem.
[[Various service drones scramble about on the plasma couplers, as 27's physical self drifts in orbit]]
11: Unfortunately, the sudden ion pressure tripped the backflow traps on the other couplers' mag-bottles.
27: Oh no... so that means...?
[[A view along the hub, swirls of dark plasma encroaching upon it]]
11: I'm afraid so. The plasma injectors have completely shut down.
11: The hub is going dark.
10: Yep. Great job, you two.


03/30/2012 05:00 pm 
This is going to completely fuck up Janeway's hair.
08/07/2012 09:42 pm 
An oddly prescient comment.