2015/01/22: Possible schedule slip

Not that there's anything "official" about my posting schedule by any means, but this weekend I'm participating in a game jam and probably won't have time to work on comics. If you're local to Seattle and like working on games, you could always sign up and be a part of this!

I'll probably be focusing on music, and I'll probably bring my cello. Because there's always room for cello.

2015/01/22: Some comics that are pretty cool

Pretty Cool Webcomics was nice enough to review me. I do wish that they'd chosen a newer Unity strip to headline with, but oh well. I like that reviewers like this exist and aren't afraid to actually say nice things.

Anyway, I've found a whole bunch of other great webcomics I didn't know about through that blog, so definitely check them out!

2015/01/05: Hello, Lewi!

I figured I should start another new series so that I can get tired of it and go back to Unity.

Or maybe I'll enjoy doing this one for a while.


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