2014/04/06: Now with high-resolution display support!

I went and finally made it so that I can put high-resolution (aka HiDPI or retina-ready) graphics on this site. So far I've only updated the images for the various Unity series and for a selection of other recent comics.

The way it's implemented is, as is always the case with these things, a little bit hackish, so if you're noticing anything particularly weird (like images being doubled, extra stuff being downloaded, or high-resolution images being loaded on normal-DPI screens), please let me know!

So far I haven't replaced any of the site graphics themselves; that will have to come later, because I actually don't have high-resolution versions of those assets, so I'll have to recreate them (or use this as an excuse to make better ones or whatever). But in any case, now comics look a lot better on my Retina MacBookPro and on my iPad.

(Of course this does complicate my publishing workflow so I'll have to figure out how I want to handle that going forward... bleah.)

Also, this is only on the site itself for now, because I can't figure out a good way of doing this that's RSS-compatible. I put in support for the HTML5 draft specification but most browsers don't support it just yet.

UPDATE: If you would like HiDPI images in the RSS feed, just subscribe to instead.

2014/03/10: I'll get back to this eventually

Sorry for not posting any comics in a while. Real life and other hobbies have been keeping me busy. I do have a pretty thorough outline of the third (and final!) book of Unity but I'm afraid to start drawing it because holy cow is it ambitious.

But I'm looking forward to doing it all the same.

2013/12/29: Books are shipping!

As of a few days ago, Amazon is actually shipping out the books. So, if you were waiting for it to be really real before buying it, you can do so.


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