Recap: de^x/dx

Episode 1: The First Episode

After a four-year hiatus, Jen found herself confronted with boredom and a plaid critter. Then the series rebooted and a bunch of stuff happened differently than the last time.


2016/06/22: im sorry

there's so much iw ant to work on but i just can't do it right now

my wrists hurt and my body hurts and if eel like i'm falling apart and i'm so tired and

i'm sorry

2016/05/23: C'est la chapter 3

Lewi #42 ends chapter 3 (for reals this time). I need to take another break from cartooning because of wrists. But at least this leaves the story not hanging in the middle of a story beat.

2016/05/13: Not the chapter end yet

Originally this strip (which seems to have turned into a page) was going to be the end of chapter 3, but then I decided that the few strips after it make for a better end-of-chapter story beat. Which is how I'd originally planned it, really, so it's less a change in plans and more a reversion. Hopefully this means chapter 3 will be done by the end of next week instead.

Also! My Patreon is pretty lonely right now. Feel free to give it some hugs and attention if you like.


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