Dancing Cubes

2017/05/13 12:00 AM a year ago

This is an augmented reality work done for Beyond the Picture Plane at Shoreline City Hall; please install the ARt Portal application to view the artwork fully.

A series of 3D-printed objects, starting by printing the iconic Utah Teapot, scanning the print, and printing the scan, iterating as the object degrades.



2015/02/20 12:00 AM 3 years ago

An installation piece exploring time, sound, and repetition.


Blather Strata

2014/10/30 12:00 AM 3 years ago

A visualization of my personal blog entries from 2003 to 2014, with the character data mapped to brightness levels and gentle indications of time boundaries, rendering it simultaneously as a geological formation and so much white noise.

Shown at the Seattle Center on Contemporary Art 2014 member show, “Who Are You?”

Ace of Spade

2014/03/10 1:26 AM 4 years ago

A work done for a deck of cards in order to benefit the Seattle Center on Contemporary Art


2010/12/30 12:00 AM 7 years ago

A milk-carton “lithograph”