Progress continues

I am pretty much done unpacking my kitchen. I’m now trying to figure out where the heck my Sodastream goes, because it doesn’t quite fit under the upper cabinets. On the plus side I finally have my coffee stuff including my Flair, and my kitchen’s been complete enough for me to start cooking again. Last night I made a rather nice steak, and tonight I’m making chili.

My old toaster oven is way too big though. I tried overcorrecting by buying a tiny toaster at Target but it was way too small, and while it does bagels fine, most of the bread I buy is too big. Boo. Looking on AliExpress I found some absolutely perfect toaster ovens, but unfortunately they’re only made for 220V, and I don’t know if it’s safe to run that at 110 (I’d expect it to want to draw way too much current for the outlets to handle safely). This one’s manufacturer does occasionally make some for the American market but they’re bigger and uglier, but this one at least looks acceptable.

Or maybe I’ll just get used to the tiny toaster, and use my oven for baking. It’s so slow and wasteful to heat up an entire oven just to bake some tater tots or whatever, though.

Anyway. I’ve also made a small amount of progress on my living room, although the way things are laid out makes it hard for me to get in and out, and a lot of the stuff the movers left in there I know I’m going to just want to move down to the basement anyway. Also I need to figure out a better way to stash the empty-but-full-of-packing-paper boxes in the meantime. I keep telling myself that I don’t have to wait until I’ve unpacked everything in order to list my boxes on the Craigslist Free Stuff section, and it’s not like most people who are going to be moving are going to want the entire set of boxes anyway, so maybe I should… like… get on that. It’ll make my life a lot easier, at the very least.

In my basement I finally got around to setting up my 3D printing station. I’m pretty happy with the setup; I have my printer and my NUC (which is currently relegated to Octoprint duty) on the rolling cart that I always had the printer on, and one of my spare monitors on the shelf behind it, and I can keep the Octoprint UI running on that. So now when I send a job to the printer I just tell it not to auto-start, and I can do my filament setup and so on down there. And now that the rolling cart isn’t doing double-duty as recording studio storage and filing cabinet and so on, I have more room to keep my filament, and also the top surface has plenty of space for a resin printer, which is one of the many things I want to get when I have more cash from the condo sale.

Speaking of which, there hasn’t been a huge amount of interest in my condo just yet, which isn’t too surprising. A combination of there being two other units for sale right now (unit 7 next door, and unit 9 upstairs is about to go on the market too, and dang it’s nice), and condos not being as desirable just yet. Plus, my realtor has decided to be extremely optimistic about the pricing, which I still feel is a mistake but she’s not worried. We can always drop the price if we need to, I suppose. But it’d sure be nice for me to not have the expense of the HOA dues or property taxes, and to have a bunch of cash instead of a mortgage.

Hopefully now that Amazon and Google are requiring people to come back into the office the condo market in Capitol Hill is going to pick up.

Anyway, today I realized I hadn’t had any real exercise in way too long so I decided to hike up the hill to the discount grocery. It wasn’t too bad, and only took around 10 minutes, so that’s totally reasonable at least on days when my body isn’t killing me. There’s no sidewalks but there’s plenty of pedestrian space on the shoulders at least, and most of the incline is in the direction of the store.

And, on this second trip to said store, I found out that they have an entire wall of varieties of dried chili, and also a very wide selection of Torani soda syrups, including the root beer one! So, yeah, I’m pretty happy about that. Or at least I will be when I figure out where the Sodastream lives. Oh and they also have the gigantic restaurant-supply-size spices for really cheap. I got a pound of paprika for $5. So I have no need to go to the actual restaurant supplier for spices!

So, that’s about what’s going on with me right now.


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